Delft Blue houses

Curious about our miniature Delft Blue houses? We’ll show you our latest addition to the collection and explain how to get one of your own.

About our KLM houses

You’ve probably seen them around: our Delft Blue miniature houses, filled with Dutch gin. Each one depicts a real Dutch building. These unique gifts have been around since the 1950s and are a true collector’s item! You receive one when travelling in Business Class on an intercontinental route.

House #103: Ecury House

To celebrate our birthday, we release a new house on 7 October each year. In 2022, we created a miniature of Ecury House for our 103rd birthday.

The Ecury family had an excellent social and business standing and contributed significantly to the development of aviation in Aruba. Their home, built in 1929, is located in Oranjestad, close to where the first-ever plane landed on the island. That historic event took place nearly 100 years ago. Dada Picus, the architect of the house, created a harmonious whole in a unique and stately way. The house is characterised by a facade with classical elements, Caribbean gingerbread details and local decorative elements. Since 2009, it's been the centrepiece of the National Archaeological Museum Aruba.

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