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Culture, beer and cheer

Looking for culture and romance? Book a flight to Prague and discover a musical city. Stroll through the narrow, picturesque streets, admire the gorgeous St. Vitus cathedral and feast your eyes on historic architecture. The oldest neighbourhood in the city, Malá Strana is known for its beautiful gardens. In Prague, the streets are paved with culture!

A city of music

Prague boasts three opera houses: the National Theatre, the Prague State Opera and the Estates Theatre. Book early, as performances are in high demand and often sell out quickly. For more culture of a different nature visit the National Museum, with its impressive collection that contains more than 20 million artefacts. And of course, a visit to Prague isn't complete without a walk across the monumental Charles Bridge. Prague is the ideal destination for a weekend holiday, but also as the starting point for a longer vacation in the Czech Republic. Book a flight to Prague now!

An exclusive view from the top

The Prague Castle and Strahov Monastery are perched high above the city. These monuments are not only famous for their sweeping views over the city, but they also play an important role in Prague's cultural history. Want an even better view? Ride the cable car up Petřín hill. At the very top stands the Petřín lookout tower with its 60 metres high viewpoint, guaranteeing the best views over the city and the mighty Vltava river.

Flights to Prague for a unique holiday

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