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Volcano city on Sicily

Go on a voyage of discovery to Sicily! Book a flight to Catania and discover this vibrant city that is also a perfect starting point for exploring the entire island. Stroll past churches, palazzi and Roman ruins and enjoy the exuberant nightlife by the beach. Or visit Teatro Massimo Bellini, the city’s beautiful opera house, for an elegant night out.

Black lava rock

Catania, Sicily’s second largest city is situated at the foothills of Etna, an active volcano. Largely destroyed following an eruption in 1669, the city was rebuilt in the iconic Sicilian baroque style using black lava rock. The beautiful St. Agatha Cathedral on Piazza del Duomo epitomizes this style. Hungry? Stroll to the lively Pescheria fish market where until 2 PM fish mongers make a real show of selling their catch. The swordfish, prawns and shellfish can be sampled in the local restaurants. Catania is an ideal destination for weekend holidays and the perfect starting point for a longer vacation in Italy. Treat yourself: book a flight to Catania now!

Pasta alla Norma

The Via Etnea will take you straight from Piazza del Duomo to the foot of the volcano. However, the best views of Etna are from Giardino Bellini park. The house where the famous opera composer Bellini was born currently houses the Bellini Museum, exhibiting elegant pianos and even a death mask. Pasta alla Norma, the local speciality, was named after one of his most famous operas. You can sample this dish at one of the restaurants around Via Vittoria Emanuele II.

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